Movie Trailers


Army of One

Featuring Nicolas Cage asĀ an ex-con & unemployed handyman who is under the belief that God sent him to hunt for Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. The film also features notorious comedy actor, Russell Brand.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

A story about a wizard who returns home to New York from a trip around the world to find rare beasts, but finds that he accidentally takes them with him, thus causing havoc in the city.

Doctor Strange

A superhero is born through the help of a wise zen master.

Life on the Line

A story about a group of electrical workers who try to fix pylons in the middle of a deadly storm. The film features John Travolta.


Two space voyagers go into a deep sleep while their ship makes its way to a new planet, but is awakened 90 years too early when the ship malfunctions. They begin to fall in love, until the ship is in danger. They need to save the other 5,000 people on board.



A teenager ventures in the ocean to save her people. There she meets a demigod. The story is set in the Polynesian Islands. The film features music from Lin-Manuel Miranda.